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The Center for American History's moving image collection consists of a variety of film, videotape, and digital formats dating from the 1930s to the present. These range in subject matter from University of Texas instructional materials, UT Office of Public Affairs videos, collegiate sports, and KLRU-produced music and other programs to numerous documentary projects from many collections that are Texas-based or global in reach.

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"Brooks Family"
Source:Brooks (Jack B.) Papers
Produced campaign film, featuring Jack and Charlotte Brooks, and their children Jeb, Kate, and Kimberly Grace. Focuses on the Brooks' home, family life, and hobbies, with a short section of Jack Brooks commenting on the G.I. Bill and amnesty for citizens who avoided the draft. Title cards at the beginning and end of the program note that it is a "...political advertisement paid for by the committee to re-elect Jack Brooks." Color picture with sound.
"Dedication Ceremony of USAF School of Aerospace Medicine by President John F. Kennedy"
Source:Yarborough (Ralph W.) Papers
Two-camera shoot of John F. Kennedy's dedication of the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine in San Antonio, Texas. Color picture with sound. Writing on leader reads, "E-1219-1, 6SAF-, 38339, R-1." Writing on outside of can: "School of Aerospace Medicine, Aerospace Medical Division AFSC, Brooks AFB, Texas. Title: Dedication of SAM Complex by President Kennedy, 63-016, Project: AF-Print 2."
"System Shock" Floppy Video (3.5")
Source:Spector (Warren) Papers
Gameplay video for the 3.5" floppy disk version of "System Shock." Video begins with the game being loaded from the command line, then goes on to show raw footage of gameplay, including multiple levels and pause screen configuration menus.
"Tube Across Turkey"
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Industrial film showing the installation of an oil pipeline by the Associated Pipe Line Contractors in the Republic of Turkey, with footage from Istanbul, Ankara, İskenderun, and Malatya, as well as a brief history of Turkey. Donated by Dr. Tom Allen.
"Visions of the State of Texas"
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Video tape of Molly speaking to the employees of Texas Department of Natural Resources. Since this talk was done before state employees, Molly primarily focuses on issues within the state government and especially with the governor, Bill Clements. Some points of interest include Molly's opinions on how to trim fat from the state budget while funding state agencies fully, the dangers of electing people who want to destroy government, and the importance of Texans to participate and pay attention to their municipal and state governments.
1962 Oiler Highlights
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Produced film documenting the Houston Oiler's 1962 season. Includes narrated footage for most of the Oilers season games, including their loss to the Dallas Texans in the 1962 American Football League Championship.  Players shown include Charlie Hennigan, Charlie Tuller, George Blanda, Bob McLeod, William "Billy" Cannon, George Blanda and Tony Banfield. Color picture with sound.
1987 Brooks 12 D.S. [Report on Peace Corps, with guest Sargent Shriver]
Source:Brooks (Jack B.) Papers
Report to voters, with Brooks interviewing Sargent Shriver, who talks about the Peace Corps, with a focus on workers and projects with Texas origins. Black and white negative picture with sound. Kodak edge code reads "circle square," which correlates to 1962.
2000 Alta Vista
Source:Molly Ivins Papers
Video tape recorded for insurance purposes of Molly's house and belongings before a planned renovation. The tape shows her assistant Liz Faulk, her cats, clothes, and living spaces.
47 Times Its Own Weight/Star Crossed
Source:Armadillo World Headquarters Records
Recordings of three different bands. First is a “Demo tape produced by BBA Management for Armadillo World Headquarters, October 1, 1974. 47 times Its Own Weight, Recorded Live July 1974.” and the band plays five jazz songs. The tape then shifts to a new band, “Star Crossed recorded with Liza Farrow recorded live at the Alliance Wagon Yard August 1974.” Star Crossed plays a jazz song, then the singer Liz Farrow is announced. She sings “Midnight at the Oasis,” and the bands goes on to perform three more songs including “God Bless The Child That’s Got His Own” The third band “Jim Beans and Mirage recorded live at Point Venture, July 1974” plays one song. The tape runs out during the end of the song. 5" polyester reel. No case. Recorded with both channels all the way up to capture songs at lower levels.
5 Min. Campaign Film for 1964 Senate Race. Testimonials For [From] JFK and LBJ.
Source:Yarborough (Ralph W.) Papers
Campaign film for Ralph Yarborough's 1964 senate race, with a short history of his career, testimonials from John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, and an appeal to voters from Yarborough. Kennedy mentions 1961's Hurricane Carla and the September 28, 1962 establishment of the Padre Island National Seashore [A more complete version of Kennedy's testimonial can be seen in dv_00140]. Includes footage of The University of Texas, Travis County Courthouse and the Texas State Capitol. Black and white picture with sound. Has synchronization punch hole.