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Energy & Natural Resources

The American Energy History Collections consists of corporate archives, organizational records, personal papers and oral histories that provide a comprehensive view of the energy industry and its influence on Texas, the nation and the world. From the early days of the oil industry in the 1850s to the 1901 discovery of oil at Spindletop through the emergence of the global energy economy, these collections document how the industry has impacted business, society, politics and culture in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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"Tube Across Turkey"
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Industrial film showing the installation of an oil pipeline by the Associated Pipe Line Contractors in the Republic of Turkey, with footage from Istanbul, Ankara, İskenderun, and Malatya, as well as a brief history of Turkey. Donated by Dr. Tom Allen.
Boots 'n Coots: Oil Well Fighters and Blowout Specialists
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Documentary filmed by a French production company about a day in the life of the oil-well firefighter, Asgar ("Boots") Hanson. The film follows Boots as he and his crew extinguish an oil fire in Southern Louisiana, just outside of Baton Rouge. Original French-language title: Profession: Pompier du Petrole.
Cameron Iron Guidelineless Drilling System [Composite]
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Animated film demonstrating the technology of an underwater guidelineless drilling system. Composite version of A and B roll picture from e_bb_5011 and e_bb_5012. Assembled by Briscoe Center staff using synchronization punch holes. Color picture, no sound.
Capline….Oil For the Midwest
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Film documenting the planning and construction of the Capline Pipeline, a United States pipeline transporting crude oil from the South to the Midwest. Participating companies include Ashland Oil and Refining Company, Marathon Oil Company, Standard Oil Company, Sun Oil Company, Shell Oil Company, Clark Oil and Refining Corporation, Union Oil Company of California and Texaco, Inc. Color picture with sound.
Conservation History Association of Texas, Texas Legacy Project Records
The Texas Legacy Project, a cooperative documentary initiative supported by the Conservation History Association of Texas, aims to preserve the history of resource and wildlife conservation in the state through interviews with conservationists.
Containment and Recovery of an Offshore Oil Spill
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Produced film on the process used to contain an oil spill and recover oil, showcasing Spiltrol equipment including an offshore boom and the Huskey SBG offshore skimmer. Takes place at an oil rig fire off-shore of Louisiana. Color picture with sound. This capture replaces e_bb_5004 with a higher quality capture.
Devil's Cigarette Lighter [Composite]
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Produced film documenting Paul "Red" Adair and company's infamous 1961-'62 fight with an gas well fire in the French Saharan desert-specifically, the Gassi Touil natural gas field in Algeria. Contains footage of the event with narration by Adair, giving an in-depth account of the processes and equipment used to stop the fire and contain the flow of gas. Diagrams of the replacement wellhead and blowout preventer (manufactured by Cameron Iron Works, Inc.) are also shown, with Adair detailing their functions. Adair points out appearances by crew members Asger "Boots" Hansen, Ed "Coots" Matthews, and former Houston Oilers fullback, Charlie Tolar, and also acknowledges John Korshe [sp?], who Adair describes as a "head man" for CEP [Compagnie D'exploration Pétrolière] and COPEFA [France-Africa Oil Company]. Composite version of sound and picture from related files, with color inverted.
Four-in-One Quadruple String Completion
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
A promotional film documenting the installation of the first quadruple string completion, in oil well #CH [C8?]. Includes in-depth instruction on assembling device using stingers, packers, tubing and solid block trees. Presented by Brown Oil Tools and Cameron Iron Works, with acknowledgment of the CATC Group, Continental Oil Company, Atlantic Refining Company, Tidewater Oil Company and City Service Production Company.
GT2 Oil Fire, Adair Company, Sahara, shot by Coots
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Contains footage of Red Adair and his crew preparing to contain the 1961-62 Gassi Touil gas field fire in the Algerian Sahara [See: Devil's Cigarette Lighter, e_bb_5014-5016]. Written on film leader: "#138-13, Bold Men, Wolper". Color picture, no sound.
Gas Goes to Market
Source:Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
A promotional film documenting the process of installing a natural gas pipeline [Tennessee Gas Pipeline?] from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast. Spotlights the work of the Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, and seems to cover the same subject as e_bb_5020. Color picture with sound.